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Zebra Shades

Zebra Blinds Shades is the best-selling product in today’s window covering industry! Simple to operate they can add a beautiful soft fabric finish to any window in any shape. Also known as Layered Shades or Dual Shades. When you open them, the layers can gently align to light through the Sheer material. Alternatively, the closed position provides visual privacy or room darkening function depending on your fabric selections. The appealing design feature about Zebra Shades is that they lay and hang completely flat against your window, giving you a sleek, clean and modern look.

Furthermore, Zebra Shades is woven with a combination of sheer and solid materials, the fabric construction will help to protect your home’s interiors while providing comfort. This fabric layering will shield harmful UV rays from entering your rooms which can damage your furniture, fade flooring surfaces and will help conserve your valuable possessions. These Zebra Shades can be automated, motorized or ordered as Cordless, utilizing the new regulations for safe operating systems.

Roller or Screen Blinds

Roller Blinds are convenient and exceptionally durable in the long term. Over the years, Roller Blinds have been used extensively in our homes and businesses. Appealing for their style simplicity and ease of use. Additionally, they have a streamlined look and once they’re rolled open you may barely see them! The flat and remarkably easy to clean fabrics fit well in home spaces like kitchens and humid bathrooms. In bedrooms, the blackout option is wonderful for a good sleep! Roller Blinds can complete any commercial office or business with exposed glass, they are attractive and very affordable to customers for privacy and functionable window coverings.

Fabric selections have evolved to include many sophisticated woven PVC screens. These light filtering materials, for example, can block up to 95% of light yet allows 5% to transmit through. From several established distributors, we can offer extensive fabric choices that can provide different textures, like a tactile Grass cloth, or select a vibrant colored pattern to define that special space. Roller Blinds can assist in managing UV light and ensuring privacy along with providing protection to your interior spaces and furnishings. They are also very convenient for controlling the temperature and keeping your house warm in winter and cooler in the summer season. In keeping with today’s technology, we can Automate, Motorize and offer cordless Spring operating systems that ensure trouble-free use of your tailor-made Roller Blinds.

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Motorized Blinds & Shades By SOMFY

Smart devices could make life plenty simpler for a homeowner. Connect digitally to blinds & shades with one touch through the use of hand-held devices. Motorized Blinds & shades are some of the innovative products we stock. Put away the untidiness of chains and cords. Motorized Blinds can make high window coverings a thing of a past. Clients tend to perform their blinds and sunshades greater with motorization, lowering power bills.

High-quality motorized window coverings give quiet and clean functioning blinds and sunshades change from mild filtering to room darkening to blackout with the easy click of a button. Custom program your window coverings to work simultaneously, transition the appearance and feel of a room in seconds. Get rid of the tedious challenge of going around the house one window at a time to open or close, do it all at once!

Checkout our Softy Motorized Blinds to learn more about Motorized Blinds.

Vertical Blinds & Shades

In decorating our homes today, Vertical Blinds are still popular window coverings! Constructed with Fabric or PVC Vanes, these Vertical Blinds provide optimal light control. They are one of the most efficient window treatments on the market, to clean and maintain. Tilt open or draw closed, Vertical Blinds are sensible and offer advanced light management which in turn will protect your floor coverings and furniture. Many of our Vertical Blind fabric selections cross over from Roller Blinds choices making it convenient and easy to coordinate different Blinds with colors and patterns, for adjoining areas of the house. Similar in styling to above “Panel Track” Blinds are larger “Vanes” of fabric.

The soft Panels move with ease, on a fixed ceiling mounted bypass track, and are a superb option for those larger windows for complete visual privacy and contemporary glare control. These simple Panels can be drawn closed to completely cover the open glass, alternatively when open they overlap and stack to one side, depending on your layout preferences. This modern treatment is well suited for the home Patio doors. Additionally, these Panels can attractively function as a room driver for Hospitality open rooms. It’s a great option to privatize with design those office conference spaces. Fashionable fabric selections, effortless to use and modest pricing make Vertical Blinds and Panels Tracks a today’s choice for decorating many spaces.

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