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At Alpine Blinds & More we install Window Tinting, the application of a Vinyl Film on clear glass. Whether your business needs some individual office privacy or inside your home you may desire additional heat control or privacy requirements.

Detail the glass areas with level of film opacities and a variety of colors available from our catalogue.

Window films can offer great visual security solutions for those smaller sized front or back door side lights of glass. In the ensuite create a design on the shower glass or cover that higher accent window in the foyer.

Let Alpine Blinds & More provide a custom and bold new look with a patterned Window Film. For any residential room, commercial or hospitality space you may want to protect with ease.

We will supply Quality Vinyl Film that can reduce 66% of the thermal heat entering your home, keeping it cooler, which helps your air conditioning to work more efficiently.

Decorative film also blocks up to 99% of UV Rays that can cause damage to your interior finishes. It assists in keeping the sunlight off you, your children, pets and important possessions without the use of window shades that can reduce your visibility.

Window Frosting can definitely provide additional protection from the suns’ harmful Rays, which have been also identified as a major cause of Skin Cancer.

Window Tinting, it is proven, can physically lower reflection inside and outside, providing better night vision and cut the high glare during the day.

Additionally protective, although it is does not prevent the glass from breaking, Window Film will help hold the broken glass together, preventing it from spreading throughout your room in case of an accident or vandalism.

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We offer window tinting services across Calgary and its surrounding areas, catering to both residential and commercial spaces.