At Alpine Blinds & More, Wallcoverings are spectacular preference to enhance any space.

Color, design, pattern, texture, murals and so much more is why Wallcoverings are a good decision to add that exciting focal point in a room. Many interior designers with a beautiful wallpaper can complete their decorating visions for their customers.

With Alpine Blinds & More we have Wallpaper Books to browse through! We have invested in a line-up of sample books from several worldwide Wallcovering suppliers who lead the industry with trendy patterns and modern manufacturing techniques.

We also provide expert Wallpaper installations. To professionally install Wallcoverings requires skills, tools and extensive past knowledge! Our installers have years of accomplishments with many different Wallpaper products. They will take the time to ensure your selections are properly installed.

At Alpine Blinds & More, we can provide in-house or office consultations. To find a Wallcovering that is suitable and pleasing for your space scale(size). Our installers can measure and will competently estimate how many roles you will need to purchase. Then we will provide you with an estimate that will address the overall project considerations.

Wallcoverings can be so much more than Wallpaper! Refresh the space. Faux Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash or decorate your Rental unit wall of Lofty Brick!! Vinyl Peel and Stick Wall decor to entertain, wall murals for that theme room.

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