Child Safety Regulations

Child Safety Regulations

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Going forward health Canada has banned exposed Corded Window Coverings. Discover new cordless options that will keep your home safe, functional and private with style. A new regulation from Health Canada bans Corded Window Coverings from this point on.

Child safety regulations for window blinds in Canada have been put in place to protect young children from accidental strangulation or injury. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of reported incidents involving children who have become entangled in cords or chains used to operate window blinds. As a result, the Canadian government has implemented new regulations to ensure that all window blinds sold in Canada meet certain safety standards.The new regulations require that all window blinds sold in Canada must have either a cordless design or be outfitted with cords that are inaccessible to children. This means that all cords used to operate window blinds must be located out of reach of young children, either by being tucked away inside the blind or by being secured to the wall or floor.

The regulations also require that window blinds come with warning labels that clearly state the potential dangers of cords and chains. These labels must be easily visible and understandable to parents and caregivers.

In response to these regulations, we offer a variety of cordless options, such as motorized blinds or those that can be operated with a remote control. In addition, we have retractable and motorized wands to the wall or floor.

Parents and caregivers can also take steps to ensure the safety of children around window blinds. For example, they can install window guards or safety netting to prevent children from accessing windows, and they can also move cribs and other furniture away from windows to reduce the risk of entanglement. In conclusion, the new child safety regulations for the window blinds industry in Canada are an important step towards protecting young children from the potential hazards of cords and chains used to operate window blinds. By working together, manufacturers and caregivers can help ensure that all children are safe and secure in their homes. For more on information on regulation information visit Blind and window covering safety –

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